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Curbed Feature June 30, 2015 “The first weekend felt like a festival.” It’s 5 a.m. on a weekday, and British designer Wayne Hemingway (MBE)is already awake, ready to go to work on a theme park. On June 19th, the city of Margate, on England’s southeastern coast, saw its pride and joy, the Dreamland amusement park, spring back […]

Curbed Post July 8, 2015 One day in 1954, a young Cassius Clay, fuming about his stolen red Schwinn bike, ran in front of his family’s five-room house at 3302 Grand Avenue in Louisville with tears in his eyes and screamed that he’d whup whomever took his ride. Down the block, police officer Joe E. Martin […]

Curbed Feature July 15, 2015 At Tougaloo College, the story is in the soil. Its genesis in 1869, the purchase of 500 acres of red clay dirt in Jackson, Mississippi, by the abolitionist American Missionary Association, was meant to transform the site of a former cotton plantation into a college for freed slaves. Over the […]

Curbed Feature July 21, 2015 Next to Chicago and Oak Park, Illinois, no area can lay claim to as many works by Frank Lloyd Wright as Buffalo, New York. From the sprawling Darwin Martin House to the Larkin Building, from gas stations to boat houses, the numerous examples of the architect’s work in and around the city made […]

Curbed Feature July 23, 2015 “What do you want?” “Access! “When do you want it?” “Now!” There are 82 stone steps up to the United States Capitol Building in Washington, D.C., a relatively minor bit of trivia for the majority of legislators, tourists, and visitors who traverse them every day. But for those unable to […]

Line//Shape//SpaceFeatureJune 23, 2015 Technological shifts don’t always begin with keynote speeches or media frenzies. Sometimes, they just arrive in the mail.  This past spring, high school students and aspiring designers accepted to the Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD) received more than just a letter. The postman also dropped off a white cardboard mailer […]

Chicago Reader Feature March 12, 2015 “I’m working-class,” says Danny Cimaglio, when asked to describe his occupation. The 63-year-old’s matter-of-fact demeanor and scrappy work history were the norm in Bucktown back in 1986, the year Cimaglio and some friends opened Danny’s Tavern, a funky bar in a solidly blue-collar hood that helped usher in the area’s […]

Line//Shape//Space Feature March 30, 2015 At first glance, Eteläsatama, or South Harbor in Helsinki, doesn’t stand out much from the ribbons of scenic shoreline that form the Finnish capital’s border with the sea. Ferries dock nearby, crowds meander over from nearby Market Square, and anyone strolling through can pause and snap a photo of famous […]

Feature Chicago Reader April 24, 2014 Link Documentary photographer Danny Lyon’s 1968 chronicle of a Chicago biker gang helped inspire Easy Rider. Now The Bikeriders revs up for a long-overdue reissue. Danny Lyon, Route 12, Wisconsin from The Bikeriders (Aperture, 2014)© Danny Lyon, Courtesy Edwynn Houk Gallery Danny Lyon doesn’t want to talk about the […]

Interview/Feature Design Bureau March 7, 2014 Link   Many things conspired to bring 23-year-old designer Lyse Cook to live and work in Detroit last June. She cops to having drunk the Kool-Aid she’s heard the stories about “the Brooklyn of her generation,” the chance to make her mark in the Wild West atmosphere of a […]