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Feature Prague Post June 25th, 2008 Link His spurs jangling and his hat tilted low, the cowboy snubbed out his cigarette, adjusted his holster and stepped to the line. He wasted little time. His Winchester rifle flashed, coughing up bitter gun smoke and spitting spent cartridges in a wobbly arc toward the back brim of […]

Preview Prague Post March 5, 2008 Coming from Berlin — a nexus of electronic music and minimal, streamlined techno — Modeselektor might be expected to sound cerebral and sleek. But the music made by the production duo of Gernot Bronsert and Sebastian Szary, among the headliners of this year’s Sperm Festival, is raucous and unhinged. […]

Interview Prague Post March 5, 2008 The blissful electronic melodies of Caribou, the alias of Canadian producer Dan Snaith, put a personal spin on sunny ’60s pop — psychedelic beauty, blinding sunshine and lyrics about all-consuming attractions to beautiful women. It suggests a certain easygoing demeanor, but it would be a mistake to assume that […]