Patrick Sisson - Writer, Journalist, Cultural Documentarian, Music Lover
  • An Oral History of the Green Mill
What I Do

Design & Music Writing

As Senior Reporter for Curbed and writer for publications such as Dwell, Pitchfork and Wax Poetics, I’m able to explore topics I’m passionate about and interview compelling designers and artists. I’ve made Stefan Sagmeister late for a date and was scolded by Gil Scott-Heron for asking too many questions. I’ve also been interviewed on NPR talking about dockless scooters and the magnetism of mid-size cities.

Profiles & Features

Whether it’s an essay on design in Detroit, an oral history series exploring Chicago’s favorite bars, a look at the blind runner pushing navigation technology forward, or conversations with some of my musical heroes, such as Mavis Staples, Buzzcocks and Portishead, I love long-form storytelling and the art of the interview.

Content Marketing

Consumers want your story to engage and reveal your passion and individuality, not the latest spin on the same old pitch. My copywriting and content marketing work -- from the story of Alan Turing (Imitation Game) to writing a cultural almanac (Pitchfork) -- has given me an appreciation for compelling copy.
Selected Writing