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Story Stop Smiling August 2008 Link Inside its worn blue cover, the book Hollywood: All About Motion Pictures is a priceless bit of studio-era propaganda. Published in 1940, the pocket-sized book talks about “the materials for making a picture,” ranging from the grand studio lots to the need for a prop boy (the person who […]

Travel Feature Chicago Tribune August 10, 2008 Say what you will about the healing properties of mud baths, saunas or lavender-scented candles, but soaking in a stainless-steel tub filled with Czech beer put my body and soul at ease. I was in the brick-lined cellar of Prave Pivni Lazni (original beer spa), run by the […]

Feature XLR8R October 2005 Link Click on the link to check out XLR8R’s awesome Chicago City issue, which includes a guide to the city I wrote. Note: Portillo’s is not included.