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Tag: Matthew Herbert

Review Pitchfork April 12, 2010 Link 7.6 While Matthew Herbert’s methods of recording audio samples are inspiring and outlandish, he always captures a bit of the human element. It’s not just because his discography includes a noisy digestive tract turned into a euphoric house melody; there’s an appreciation for randomness, mistakes, and chaos that runs […]

Interview Remix November 2008 The medium and the message are never separate in the music of Matthew Herbert. Spun partly from esoteric samples — the sounds of laser eye surgery, drums recorded in a hot air balloon or condoms dragged across the floor — his songs appear to be some form of sonic alchemy or […]

Story XLR8R December 2007 Link It wasn’t long ago that global-warming “alarmist” Al Gore was mocked as “Owl” Gore or Ozone Man by his Republican opponents. It’s a sign of how much popular culture has embraced the environmental issue that Gore, this year’s Nobel Peace Prize recipient, is basking in adoration that would make Bono […]