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Article Remix January 2009 Link Instant access is something today’s music fans expect. Now, a number of companies are tapping into mobile technology to simplify collaborations between artists. Along with Websites offering new tools for musicians and music fans that crossbreed social networking and online recording applications, it’s becoming easier to share and edit songs […]

Music Review Remix January 2009 3.5 out of 5 Stars Link Franz Ferdinand hasn’t lost its propulsive pace on Tonight, but like the Greek hero alluded to on lead single “Ulysses,” the group is searching for something. There’s plenty of swagger out of the gate. The dark, slinky “Ulysses” boils over with crunchy synths. “No […]

Music Review Remix January 2009 3.5 out of 5 Stars Link Multifaceted musician Andrew Bird doesn’t let his big vocabulary—lyrically or musically—spoil his refined chamber pop. On Noble Beast, Bird incorporates tasteful flourishes into his polymath approach, sounding more breezy and stripped down than he did on Armchair Apocrypha. “Anonanimal” and “Effigy” open with crisp, […]

Interview Remix November 2008 The medium and the message are never separate in the music of Matthew Herbert. Spun partly from esoteric samples — the sounds of laser eye surgery, drums recorded in a hot air balloon or condoms dragged across the floor — his songs appear to be some form of sonic alchemy or […]

Interview Remix October 2008 Link Few rappers, especially those with a song called “Kryptonite Pussy,” attempt to book a tour with their pastor as the opening act. But that’s the way Shunda K (LaShunda Flowers), half of black Christian lesbian rap duo Yo! Majesty, operates. As her partner Jwl B (Jewel Baynham) explains, their message […]