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Matias Aguayo: Ay Ay Ay

Music Review
October 2009


Chilean producer Matias Aguayo (formerly of Closer Musik) has created a dark carnival of an album on Ay Ay Ay, a restrained event with sustained creepiness underlying the celebration. Filled with thudding drums and melodies constructed from vocal tics, tones, whispers, and asides, it plumbs disorienting depths—imagine an Audion track where the corkscrew melodies have been replaced with a choir composed of the whispers from Lost. Lead single “Rollerskate” bobs and weaves with bubbling voices, a genius track never lacking for simplicity or propulsion, while “Koro Koro” brings a Ladysmith Black Mambazo vibe. As the party closes on “Juanita,” with revelers quietly clapping and accordions taking shallow breaths, Aguayo bows out on another singular album.

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