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Interview May 2009 Link Brown sophomore Kevin Roose didn’t study abroad, but he definitely visited a foreign land during his semester off-campus at Virginia’s Liberty University, the school founded by preacher Jerry Falwell to train “champions for Christ.” Roose chronicles his stint as an evangelical embed in his new book, The Unlikely Disciple. Fair […]

Book Review March 2009 Link Author: Michael Lewis Publisher: W.W. Norton & Co. Number of Pages: 352 Pages Cover Type: Hard Cover Populist anger may be boiling over against Wall Street and its recently chastised traders. But when they’re inflating our own nest eggs and driving up our own investment returns, we don’t mind […]

Book Review November 2008 Link Execution’s Doorstep: True Stories of the Innocent and Near Damned by Leslie Lytle Northeastern University Press, 300 pages, Hardcover $29.95 Reviewed by Patrick Sisson In many prison dramas, punishment for wrongfully imprisoned inmates comes at the hands of monstrous fellow convicts or sadistic guards. But in real life, the […]

Book Review July 2008 Old Rare New: The Independent Record Shop by Emma Pettit Black Dog Publishing, 144 pages, Paperback $29.95 Reviewed by Patrick Sisson In an essay at the end of Old Rare New, music critic Simon Reynolds observes that, “used CD stores really are like the mass graves of mass culture.” It’s […]

Book Review May 2008 True Norwegian Black Metal by Peter Beste Vice Books, 208 pages, Hardcover $60.00 Reviewed by Patrick Sisson The members of the seminal Norwegian black metal band Mayhem remembered their former vocalist Dead, who committed suicide in 1991, in their own way. According to legend, bits of his skull were made […]

Review July 2007 Link The Pitchfork Music Festival embraced its music snob roots by booking iconoclast Yoko Ono. But the three-day celebration of sonic diversity — which spread 39 acts over three stages in Chicago’s Union Park — was more populist than its reputation suggests. Nothing made that more clear than Saturday night’s closing […]

Review July 2007 Oxnard, California producer Oh No is no stranger to the offbeat concept album. His previous, well-conceived full-length was made entirely of samples taken from the music of Hair composer Galt McDermot. The instrumental Dr. No’s Oxperiment was constructed from a similarly limited, unlikely and exotic source. All the samples originated from […]

Interview May 2007 A former punk rocker from Ottawa who sports a bushy beard and an undisguised Canadian accent, 35-year-old Shane Smith has become an unlikely media mogul. While far from a Murdoch-like figure — for one thing, Smith actually does some reporting himself, including trips to Chernobyl and Darfur — the one-time Reuters […]

Feature May 2007 Link Men often view beer the same way they view sex: As long as you’re getting as much as you want, everything is okay. But what’s the point of a large quantity of anything if you’re not also getting high quality? Fine beers, like gorgeous women, should be savored and enjoyed […]

Review May 2007 Mingering Mike: The Amazing Career of an Imaginary Soul Superstar By Dori Hadar Princeton Architectural Press, 192 pages, Paperback $24.95 Record collectors live for the moments when obsessive hunting for rare vinyl unearths an undiscovered treasure. Dori Hadar, a Washington D.C. criminal investigator and DJ, discovered a different kind of rarity […]