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Feature January 2006 Link In the thick of the playoffs, the first World Series of Beer Pong was a cross between March Madness and a frat party, with the stink of cheap beer and testosterone flooding the nondescript convention center. “It’s a pleasure to be around all these great athletes with swollen livers and […]

Feature April 2006 Link You’ve been sitting in those same lame nosebleed seats at the ballpark since you were a T-baller. Maybe it’s time to improve your game and lounge for nine innings in style. If you’re looking for an amazingly posh place to watch a Major League game, many franchises have upscale options. […]

Interview May 2006 As ESPN readied Monday Night Football before this summer’s cable premiere, the network brass decided to record a new version of the iconic theme song, a program staple since 1989. They assembled a musical dream team for the session, including Little Richard, Aerosmith ax-slinger Joe Perry and Bernie Worrell and Bootsy […]

Interview March 2006 Link Atlanta was a hip-hop hotbed well before OutKast dropped “Bombs over Baghdad.” But nobody from the Dirty South is making as much noise today as T.I., who’s back in the spotlight this fall with the release of his sixth album, Paper Trail. In the ’90s T.I. made a quick study […]

Interview October 2005 Delivering a call to arms for the fans of University of Massachusetts athletics, svelte Sam the Minuteman is ready to defend life, liberty and the pursuit of an NCAA championship at any cost. Whether it’s rooting for the football team at the Warren McGuirk Alumni Stadium or raising hell indoors at […]

Review May 2005 Rating: Three of Four Bunnyheads It’s a bad sign for a politician when animated monkeys dis your war record. That’s the state Dubya finds himself in with the release of Demon Days, the latest album from the virtual hip-hop collective Gorillaz. On the smoldering track “Dirty Harry” — which starts out […]

Movie Review June 2005 Reconceiving Batman requires radical thinking, and Memento director Christopher Nolan takes a revolutionary, and revelatory, approach with Batman Begins. Waking from a recurring flashback of his childhood fall down a bat-filled well, Gotham’s most famous son Bruce Wayne (Christian Bale) finds himself in a place many of us would consider […]

Music Review January 2005 In any class covering hip-hop history, the prof will undoubtedly devote much of the semester to Bronx B-boys and L.A. gang members. But Run the Road, a British rap compilation hitting U.S. shores this month, may be the most cogent argument yet that overseas artists aren’t merely copying U.S. styles […]

Movie Review October 2004 Rating: Three out of Four Bunnyheads In Texas, high school football isn’t just a varsity sport; it’s a way of life. Friday Night Lights, adapted from H.G. Bissinger’s 1990 best-seller, hits you with that concept like a maniacal middle line backer. As the movie begins, a stunning montage – a […]

CD Review October 2004 Rating: 3 of 4 Bunnyheads A Tom Waits album is like a rowdy juke joint take on Dante’s Inferno, brimming with more sinners than a tent revival preacher’s sermon. On Real Gone, Waits once again mines that dark territory most of us would rather forget, painting portraits of the weird […]