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Chicago Reader Post July 29, 2014 Link Every week during a stretch of the Chicago Seed‘s 1967 to 1974 print run, staffers would make the trip: a pickup or VW Minibus loaded with hand-mixed ink and negatives for the next issue—diligently pasted up and typed out twice on an IBM Selectric—would drive two hours north […]

Feature Chicago Reader July 24, 2014 Link The worst winter in decades inspired a design firm and frame builder to fashion a bike tough enough for this town. During last winter’s polar vortex, the brave souls who cycled through the ice, snow, salt, and sludge could be viewed as examples of midwest resiliency. They also could […]

As an Associate Publisher of Local Deals at Travelzoo, I’m part of a fantastic team of salespeople and producers who send high-quality restaurant, spa and activity deals to millions of subscribers in the Midwest, Texas and Canada. I’m fortunate enough to work with exceptional writers who have created content for top-tier merchants like Four Seasons […]