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Dam-Funk: Toeachizown

Music Reviews
February 2


Boogie revivalist and long-haired LA electro visionary Damon Riddick (a.k.a. Dam-Funk) wants to make music that lets your hair blow in the wind—a difficult task, but his massive Toeachizown offers just that kind of soothing experience. Full of retro-futurist ’80s funk filled with smeared keyboard melodies and dirty beats, it’s perfect for banging out of a souped-up hovercraft and is easy to soak up and get lost inside. Buoyant backgrounds and vapor-trail synths mirror the mantras and platitudes that double as lyrics. Prince-style falsetto and airy chords run throughout, create an inviting, optimistic atmosphere, especially compared to more inward strains of hypnagogic pop. Dam may be doubling down on a genre many discarded, but he’s got the style and sincerity to make it work.

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