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Oneida: Rated O

Music Review
July 2009


It’s been a more than a decade since Oneida dropped its debut, but this Brooklyn collective’s unshackled, invigorating psychedelic rock has only become more vital, splitting into sections both refined and carefree. Rated O—a triple album, the second in a planned triptych—seemingly begs for quality control. Oneida’s jams and circuit-bending riffs aren’t always revelatory, but the trip proves worthwhile. Disc One starts with the brusque, suborbital soundclash of “Brownout in Lagos” and continues to grind and buzz, building towards the fractured release of “The Human Factor” and the second disc’s freak-outs and stoner haze. By Disc Three, which exudes a cosmic vibe, it’s clear that Oneida is still cutting interesting paths in multiple directions. They should always have this much space to stretch out.

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