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Article Onion A.V. Club Chicago September 2010 Link Chicago’s first Food Film Festival pairs a program of provocative documentaries with a tantalizing array of food, including DMK Burgers and fried cheese curds, which still can’t top the fat content of artificial butter topping. While the “Hog Butcher of the World” label doesn’t exactly scream for […]

Feature A.V. Club Chicago June 30, 2010 Link Our iconic architecture, crowning skyline, and diverse neighborhoods practically dare cinematographers to resist its charms. Not surprisingly, film history is dotted with iconic Chicago moments, from Jake and Elwood of Blues Brothers careening over the Skyway bridge to Cameron Frye from Ferris Bueller’s Day Off contemplating Seurat […]

Article A.V. Club Chicago October 2009 Link Despite the trauma of 9/11, it didn’t take long for Hollywood to revisit and ravage New York City. In just the last few years, monsters, mankind, aliens, and zombies have laid waste to Manhattan in countless post-apocalyptic thrillers and natural-disaster porn. L.A., admittedly subject to its own different […]

Article A.V. Club Chicago October 2009 Link The Chicago History Museum recently put out a call, via its blog, for memorabilia related to the Lounge Ax, the legendary Lincoln Park rock club that closed in 2000. Venues come and go, and few last long enough or make enough of an impact to warrant any kind […]

Article A.V. Club Chicago September 2009 Link One of the greatest advantages of being a melting-pot city is the eclectic tastes and cuisine that immigrants import into their adopted home. Granted, the American palate can sometimes be a bit bland, but that hasn’t stopped generations of newly arrived Americans from setting up shop in Chicago […]

Interview A.V. Club Chicago April 2009 Link The raw, energetic beats of kuduro music were something of a fad in the mid- to late ’90s in Portugal, a fusion of club tracks and Angolan rhythms that produced a few one-hit wonders and then faded fast. But the members of Buraka Som Sistema—Lil Jon, Riot, Conductor, […]

Interview A.V. Club Chicago February 2009 Link The career of Argentinean actress-turned-singer Juana Molina has followed an unusual trajectory. Star of the comedy series Juana Y Sus Hermanas (Juana And Her Sisters), a smash-hit in the Spanish-speaking world, Molina’s turn as a singer and producer of lush, looping electronic music was a bit of a […]

Article A.V. Club Chicago January 2009 Link The Eternals perform “Billions Of People” at the Empty Bottle in 2007. While Chicago attracts its fair share of touring acts, it’s not exactly a reggae hotbed. Our cold Midwestern metropolis with frozen streets are better suited for caribou than Caribbean music. But if you look in the […]