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Curbed March 28, 2016 Even in quickly evolving New York City, there’s something romantic about slowing down, stepping out of the fast currents of foot traffic, and looking up. Few neighborhoods will disappoint. Look up high, especially in Manhattan, and you can see the built history of the big city play out in the architectural […]

Curbed December 17, 2015 The United States has witnessed a sea-change in the visibility of the transgender community over the last few years. From the prominence of celebrities such as Caitlyn Jenner and Laverne Cox to increasing acceptance of and accommodations for transgender youth, the fuller, more fluid range of gender identity is being expressed […]

Dwell Feature December 2014/January 2015 Prefab Issue   When you’re a grandson of Frank Lloyd Wright and planning to build near Taliesin—Wright’s studio and architecture school near Spring Green, Wisconsin—you have no shortage of design resources. Tim Wright, a documentary filmmaker who teaches at Taliesin, and his wife, Karen Ellzey, managing director for a commercial real estate firm, […]

Dwell Post April 5, 2014 Link It’s difficult to tell someone jonesing for coffee to slow down before their morning cup and appreciate the prep process. But after they get their hands on Chicago industrial designer and strategist Craighton Berman’s new Manual Coffeemaker No1 (MCM), they may begin to appreciate the wait. Manual Coffee Maker […]

Dwell Post April 17, 2014 Link   Stacked like a cubist version of a custom phonograph, Resonant Surface 01 by architects and designers Christine Yogiaman and Kenneth Tracy looks like a bespoke, steampunk soundsystem. But when you talk to the creators about their installation, which debuted in a Dubai courtyard this March during the Sikka […]

Dwell Post April 10, 2014 Link When the newly restored Carreau du Temple, a marketplace and exemplar of 19th century French construction in Paris’ Marais neighborhood, officially opens to the public on April 25th, it won’t merely be an achievement in architectural preservation. By literally exposing this glass-and-steel giant to the surrounding area with a […]

Interview Forma Issue 3 Link     You could call furniture maker Benjamin Klebba a craftsman. The 36-year-old looks the part—beard, Portland address, can probably plane a board in the time it takes you to finish this sentence, and will debate the pros and cons of walnut versus ash with the fervor music fans reserve […]

Interview Dwell March 5, 2014 Link When we first see the Grand Budapest Hotel in Wes Anderson’s visually stunning new film of the same name, she appears a withered beauty during a flashback to the 1960s. The garish green and orange lobby sticks out like a dye job crying for attention. But then, as the […]

Article/Interview Nothing Major October 3, 2013 Link Detroit boasts a history of legendary axmen—Jack White, Ted Nugent, Robert White, Wayne Kramer and Dennis Coffey to name a few. And now, thanks to the passion project of commercial real estate director and woodworker Mark Wallace, the next great musician on that list may kick out the […]

Article/Interview Nothing Major August 20, 2013 Link When Bata Shoe Museum Senior Curator Elizabeth Semmelhack first began assembling the exhibit that would become Out of the Box: The Rise of Sneaker Culture (on display in Toronto through March 30, 2014), she hit up the right contacts. Erik Blam, manager of Run-D.M.C., and Bobbito Garcia, author of the sneaker bible Where’d […]